Close Encounters of the Third Kind meets 

All The President's Men.  

It is one year after the most historical event in mankind occurred -- an attempted recovery of a crashed UFO on the moon. The mission was not successful. The world still mourns the disaster that was the rescue mission.


When popular opinion blogger Shane Carmichael joins the flailing Los Angeles Tribune, he enlists the help of young, ambitious, old-school reporter Reed Kemper to investigate a conspiracy purporting that the mission was actually successful.

The unlikely pair's journey to uncover the truth leads them to answers beyond their wildest dreams.  Dark Side of the Moon is a fun and entertaining ride about solving the ultimate conspiracy theory.




To shoot a smart and highly entertaining sci-fi thriller on an independent budget




Award-winning filmmaker, Dean Alioto is no stranger to the UFO/sci-fi genre.  His first feature was the highly controversial, UFO Abduction. The film was the first found-footage movie ever and was so convincing it fooled world-renowned Ufologists and members of the U.S. Air Force.  

Alioto's remake for Paramount TV, Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (aka The McPherson Tape) was the highest rated movie for the network and created millions of fans worldwide.  

Alioto's other work includes the award-winning and critical successful film Crashing Eden, the western Shadowheat, and several documentaries and crime shows for Fox, A&E, and Discovery.

Coming up next is the festival award-winning thriller Quarries, and the political thriller History Teacher.


"The most important part of making a great sci-fi film is to ground the sci-fi elements in as much reality as possible. Creating realistic set pieces and plausible plot lines gives the genre an authentic feel that resonates with all audiences", notes Alioto.

Having made two commercially successful independent sci-fi films in the past, Alioto has a strong track record for delivering films that turn a very healthy profit.

Non-studio films like

Ex Machina ($36m worldwide B.O.) and District 9 ($200m worldwide B.O.) proved that imaginative stories transcend larger superhero-type film budgets.

With Dark Side of the Moon, Alioto plans on making a film that will rank among the top successful independent

sci-fi films.  



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